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Since 1999 we are basically focused on consulting, distributing and manufacturing modular infrared systems, which we develop according to individual customer requirements as well as customer specified emitters.

If you have a lot of in-house specific heating problems, you can talk about the requirements for a customer-specific individual solution for your infrared radiator or your infrared heating system.

These infrared quartz heaters are the basis from which we construct and build for you IR heating system, infrared module, infrared heating panels, infrared dryer, shrink oven and much more. Our plants are, on the one hand, independent infrared heaters which are used as production heating systems for the production of our customers' products. On the other hand, ceramic heaters can be used as components in complex production machines, such as laminating, thermoforming and printing ink drying systems.

At the same time, we offer you different controls for our infrared radiators, with which you can individually adjust and control the respective temperature and heating power as required. Thanks to decades of experience in the field of infrared radiators, we have a wealth of know-how. We also have our own application lab, which allows us to verify the performance of each IR lamp.

We offer you various infrared radiators in the wavelength spectra short-wave, fast medium-wave and medium-wave. The IR radiators range from round tube radiators to twin tube radiators (double tube emitters). Even specially shaped infrared radiators can refer to us in high quality. In addition, our product range includes specially designed Omega- and contoured infrared radiators.

We see the responsibility of our company in the protection of the environment, the safety and health of the employees. We want to meet our social responsibility in all countries and countries in which we operate. We therefore place great care on the safety of our employees. Of course, this standard also applies to the distribution and manufacture of our infrared radiators and heating devices.

Our customers are handicraft or industrial companies in Germany and abroad. We do not distribute our IR spotlights and devices to private customers. This means that our B2B devices cannot be delivered by our customers at collection points of the public disposal authorities for free disposal. After the end of use of our infrared radiators, the disposal of our infrared radiators must be carried out by a specialist company.

Of course, we can provide detailed advice on the required infrared system or IR lamp before ordering. If you need an infrared emitter module or an infrared heater, the elaboration of a detailed configuration is the basis of each of our offers. Feel free to contact us