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Infrared Emitters

We offer you various infrared radiators in the wavelength spectra short-wave, fast medium-wave and medium-wave.


IR Modules

Infrared heating systems can be used as components in complex production machines.


Our Company

Since 1999 we have been taking care of consulting, sales and manufacturing of modular infrared systems.


Our infrared emitters for multiple applications

These infrared quartz heaters are the basis from which we construct and build for you IR heating system, infrared module, infrared heating panels, infrared dryer, shrink oven and much more. Our plants are, on the one hand, independent infrared heaters which are used as production heating systems for the production of our customers' products. On the other hand, ceramic heaters can be used as components in complex production machines, such as laminating, thermoforming and printing ink drying systems. We sell our infrared heaters to craft or industrial companies in Germany and abroad. There is no sale of our infrared heaters and control devices to private customers.

Infrared Radiation provides following benefits…


  • is compact and has a small footprint
  • is a clean electrical heat source
  • is fast and immediately ready to use
  • high heating up rates, due to the large power densities
  • an individually shaped and targeted heat section
  • requires no contact with the material

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